Our Rooms

Baby Bunnies Room

The Baby Bunnies Room age range is from approximately 6 weeks – 16 months old. ‘Baby Bunnies’ benefits from having big bay windows, which lets the natural light flood in. The room itself has very neutral colours, with an abundance of natural materials, providing a sense of calm for the babies. A calm and relaxed atmosphere is essential to help babies settle and progress. There are two sides to the room; the side as you first walk in is the ‘play’ side. This side is laminated with large cream rugs. There are floor toys for the babies, a cosy area with sensory materials, treasure baskets, mirrors for the babies to look at themselves and a pull up balance mirror. A large comfy sofa is provided to create a comfortable environment for the bottle-feeding babies, or for the breast feeding mothers.
There is also a ‘messy side’ for babies to explore sand, water, messy play such as nappy art and a home corner. There is also a crawl through shadow box which is filled with objects to spark babies natural instinct to explore.

The babies have access to their own outdoor play area, it is an open area where the babies can crawl or start to take their first few steps with confidence in the space provided. The whole area is covered with a canopy so that the children are able to go out in all different weathers.
Each child has their own Key Person and play in group ratios of 1:3

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers is the next room the children go to once they are about 16/18 months and the key person and parents feel that they are ready to move to the next room. The room provides continuous provision for the children, which means that children have free access to activities of their choosing. There is water, sand and paint that is accessible for the children with their Key Person close by to facilitate and offer learning opportunities.
This room is located upstairs which allows children to safely practise their gross motor skills as they move around the nursery to their outdoor spaces.
The provision is continually enhanced to support the children’s interests and their next steps.
Each child has their own Key Person and work in play ratios of 1:3.

Bouncing Bears

The age range in Bouncing Bears is 2-3years. Bouncing Bears is comprised of two rooms within the rooms continuous provision is provided for the children based on the children’s interests and differentiation. Like all the different rooms there is a balance of adult and child led activities. Bouncing Bears has a wooden slide with small steps to encourage to take part in ‘risky play’ and develop their gross motor skills whilst indoors. Children often start toilet training in this room, it has its own bathroom with child sized toilets and cubicles to ensure privacy.

The Preppies and Pre-School Room

It’s time to get ‘School Ready’! This room is all about helping your little one’s become independent, curious, inquisitive big one’s ready to start primary school. In pre-school children are able to access all areas of play freely, during continuous provision, as we believe that this helps children to develop in independence and self-confidence, as well as offering time for children to consolidate their learning.
In Pre-School children take part in daily phonics activities and have the opportunity to take part in extra curriculuar activities with outside agencies, such as, French (provided by Kidslingo), Music sessions (provided by Shake, Rattle and Roll) and P.E sessions.
The Pre-School Room has a classroom style room with a Smartboard for educational purposes such as learning to write, coding and providing information for circle times. There is also lots of opportunity for children to take part in various messy activities including painting, sand, water and malleable activities, available each day.
The conservatory room brings the outside in and has double doors which are kept open during the warmer months for children to have free access to the outdoors.
Children work in Key Person groups in a ratio of 1:8.