Meals & Menus

Meals & Menus

Healthy eating at Daisy Chains – Link to menu Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Our nursery day is structured so that children are offered meals and snacks at regular intervals. Meals and snacks are prepared on the premises by our experienced qualified cook. Our recent Ofsted inspection report commented that:-
‘Children benefit from meals and snacks that are healthy, nutritious and support their individual dietary needs. For example, they enjoy eating a selection of fresh fruits daily as well as delicious freshly prepared meals on-site by the cook’.

We are happy to cater for children with food allergies, our cook will discuss the menu with parents and discuss alternative suitable options. Halal meat is served to those children who prefer it for religious reasons.

Our cook also spends time with the children showing them how to bake cakes and prepare healthy snacks.

At Daisy Chains we believe mealtimes should be approached in a relaxed and informal way and are a perfect opportunity for children to be sociable and enjoy their mealtime experiences. Children are usually offered meals and snacks in small group sizes with their friends and often siblings where appropriate.

Younger babies are seated in highchairs whilst older babies and toddlers are able to sit at small tables on child sized chairs. Appropriate feeding utensils such as feeder cups, cutlery and bibs are all provided and children are encouraged to feed themselves as soon as they are ready.

We try to follow younger childrens feeding routines and laisie closely with parents when the time comes for babies to start weaning. We usually offer babies under six months (if ready) pureed fruit and vegetable moving on to mashed ‘normal’ meals as they get older.

We are encourage parents to discuss with us their children’s individual eating habits prior to their commencement at nursery as we recognise that for some parents, mealtimes and food intake can be a worry. We record what children have eaten at each meal / snack time and this information is passed to parents when they collect their child from nursery.

Daisy Chains have achieved the’Bolton Healthy Eating Years Settings'(BHEYS award scheme). In order to attain the award we had to meet a certain criteria that needs to be forfilled for example, new menus (please see above link). The new menu has been advised by the local authority , the NHS and healthy schools. So far the children have been really enjoying the new menu. We will keep you updated with our progress with the scheme.

If you have any comments regarding the menu please don’t hesitate to speak to a staff member.

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