Nursery News

Nursery News

For those who attend our setting you can keep in touch with via our private facebook group under the title, ‘Daisy Chains Bolton Limited’. We are sharing information and educational ideas, as well as offering a support system to our families. Many parents are involved and are enjoying sharing their lockdown experiences with one another. We are extremely appreciative of the contributions made to our page and enjoy still being able to see our little ones safe and happy throughout this time.

You are all very loved and very missed, and we hope to see you really soon x

Our approach to learning and introducing loose parts play 6/3/19

You may have noticed we have been slowly changing our nursery resources and decor around the nursery. Many of our staff have recently attended training sessions on an exciting approach to how children learn using beautiful, authentic materials which is considered a modern day approach to childcare. This is the provision of a more natural environment with natural materials for children to help create ‘wonder and awe’ and encourage them to investigate and explore and help ignite their natural curiosity of the world around them in a safe and secure environment. The loose parts play is for our older children and encourages children to explore smaller pieces of play materials such as cork, wooden curtains hooks, wooden bobbins etc…

We have visited another setting who have successfully transformed their nursery into a magical land of creativity curiosity. We have been busy collecting a wide range a unusual and inspiring objects and materials to offer the children to investigate and use. So, we are asking for any unwanted items which may be suitable to add our resources. If you have anything that you may think suitable please feel free to offload it on to us!! we would like things like, chunky jewellery and bangles, floaty scarves, candle sticks, jewellery boxes,wooden things like spoons and bowls, stainless steel items like trays and small pans and assorted baskets are to name but a few  of the things we need (No glass items please).